Coin Master Pets You Need to Know

There are three Pets in the Coin Master Game, in which the first pet name Foxy, second Tiger and the third Rhino. if you want to know what is the benefit of activating these Pets while playing the game then this article is for you.

Coin Master Foxy

When you complete some village level of coin master game then first pet unlocked which called Foxy. Coin master first pets foxy helps you get extra coins rewards during raids. When you activate Foxy, it will appear on the left-hand side of the main screen of the game. When you first time unlocked the foxy then the coin master game will give you demo instruction on how to feed and upgrade them. With the help of foxy, you can get raid up to 99 percent extra coins.

Coin Master Pets You Need to Know


Coin master Second Pet TigerTiger also helps you get extras coins like Foxy. Whenever you activate it, you get extra coin rewards when you attack another player village. Most players activate Tiger during the event like Attack madness so that the village can be built quickly to collect more coins.

Coin Master Third Pet Rhino

Rhino protects you from attacks on the village. Whenever Shield in the Coin Master game, which avoids the attack if not as an option, you must activate the Rhino.

How do you get pets on coin master.?

1. When you complete or reach on coin master village level 4. then you got first coin master pet foxy.
2.If you want to unlock or hatch the second egg. Then You must complete the Beast Collection Card Set first. Like you have done your beast collection card set. So you will get the tiger on the second egg hatch.
3.If you want to unlock or hatch the third egg. Then You must complete the Creaturs Collection Card Set first. Like you have done your Creaturs Collection Card Set. So you will get the Rhino on the third egg hatch.

How do you get free pet food on coin master.?

Get daily free pet food for Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino. If you don’t have extra pet food. Coin master games give daily free bonus pet food. First, open the game then click on the left side where appear the pets. then you can see a free icon in the downside. click on it and activate your pet for 15 minutes. Yes free pet food comes with only 15 minutes. 

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