Coin Master Game How to Install Play Features

The coin master game has become a popular game. It is a single-player game and has been developed by Moon Active. Easy to play and slot-based game has been downloaded till now on Google PlayStore 50M +. (14 March 2020).
The game has a rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store and near about 2m+ reviews. Coin Master Moon Active has posted official content on the game by creating official pages on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How to install Coin master game

Coin master game available on Android mobile (google play store) and Apple iPhones iOs (apple store).Go to mobile play store and search on bar “coin master”. then click on the install button.wait for install when finishing the setup then click on the open button.

Coin Master Game How to Install Play Features

How to play coin master game.?

Coin master game very easy to play. The game is based on a slot machine. After installed this game when you open this game. there is two options shown on the game screen
1 Guest mode
2.Login through Facebook

Guest Mode-when you click on guest mode then the game will give you demo or instruction that means learn about the game.
Login through Facebook-when you click on Login through Facebook then you get many bonuses and rewards.which will increase your game level. The benefits of login through Facebook, if by mistake you delete the game or reset your phone device and want to get back your game level. you can invite your friends through Facebook and get a free spins bonus.   

Coin Master Game Features
1.Spin Button – Coin master game based on the slot machine button. A slot (spin) button plays the role in-game. press the slot/spin button game will start.

2. Shields-shields is protecting your game village from random players. While playing the game, when you have three Shields show on the slot machine screen that will save your game village from random players attack. So far only five shields are available in the coin master game, which you can see on the right side of the game’s screen.
3. Star sign-At the top of the game screen, you will see a star sign. Star can be earned by building the village and updates the pets Foxy tiger and level shows your rank in leadership board.
4. Coin bar-Coin bar Coins you collected while playing the game. The coin bar shows how many coins you have earned while playing your game, which you can make a game village or buy the cards chest like a wooden, golden and magical chest. These bars show on the left side of the game screen.
5.Menu option– Menu option right side on the game screen. The following options show in menu option
2.Village Coins/Spins
4.Daily Bonus
5.Village shop
6.Village News
8.Card Collection
10.Leadership Board
11.Invite Friends

  • Play-When you click on play option then the game automatically redirects on the main game screen.
  • Village-when you click on village option then game show you village.
  • Buy Coins/Spins– when you click on Buy Coins/Spin then game show you a screen where you find Spin. Chests. Coins Pet food and XP.
  • Daily Bonus-Daily bonus means a game give you daily coin bonus in 24 hours.when you click on a daily bonus option then game show you a wheel and spin option.
  • Village Shop-when you click on the village shop option then the game automatically redirects on your village level. you can build your game village items through earning the game coins.
  • Village News-This option gives you a notification about raid and attack on your game village. 
  • Gifts-Gifts option which friends send you coins, spin, and card. you can also send coins spin and cards through this option.
  • Card Collection-Card Collection option show card set. You can check which card complete and incomplete. The card set option gives you extra spins when you complete it.
  • Map-Map shows your coin master village level number.
  • Leadership Board– You can check your rank in the leadership board and also see your friends rank in-game.
  • Invite Friends-when you click on invite friends option then coin master game generate a link which you can send through Facebook, Whatsapp, phone message and other social media app.if you friend click on generate link and install coin master game then coin master give you spin bonus for a successful invitation.
  • Achievements– when you click on this option then the game shows your leadership board XP and another game achievement.
  • Setting– This option shows a game setting. You can on/off Sound/ can set or on/off Notification like raid and attack and general setting. Here you can find language options like English, Espanol, Deutsch, and ftancais. 

Can i play coin master game on my pc/laptop.?
Yes you can play on pc/laptop through online Facebook. 

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